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GYN Surgery Patient Testimonials

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When pain, discomfort or embarrassing bodily functions are part of your everyday life, people don’t want to talk about it. Nor do others want to hear about it. But when your life suddenly becomes pain free and a sense of normalcy and feeling like yourself again comes into play—the sentiment should be shared.

Our physician has helped hundreds of women get back to normal within a few weeks. Many local, regional and national awards and accolades are testament to this fact.

Experience the treatment and care delivered by the compassionate physicians at Advanced & Minimally Invasive Gynecology through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to share your story, please contact us.

Below are just a few patient comments pulled from Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

I felt very safe and well taken care of.


A feeling of being listened to, as well as a feeling of personalization and [a] happy staff makes for a very comfortable appointment.


Excellent!  I would follow Dr. Hoover just about anywhere!  He is an amazing doctor!  Thank you!  Your office is extremely courteous and wonderful!

Jennifer’s Story

I had a consultation with Dr. Hoover and explained my symptoms. After reviewing all my options we decided that I needed a total hysterectomy. Dr. Hoover was great – he knew that I was a visual person and he drew me sketches and really explained the procedure to me. I was opting for robotic surgery, which has many benefits - less scarring, less risk of infection and a shorter recovery time.