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Suburethral Slings

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Suburethral Slings
Slings are used in women who have problems with leakage of urine during activity.  Most women who experience leakage of urine during activity, do so because the support tissues of the bladder lose their integrity.  The urethra (the entrance of the bladder) is usually kept closed by these support tissues.  If they become weak then the bladder entrance opens easily and leakage of urine occurs.  If you experience leakage of urine or frequent urination, your provider will first recommend exercises, fluid intake changes and sometimes even medications to improve your symptoms.  If these interventions do not work, you may be a candidate for a suburethral sling.  This is a minimally invasive procedure where a small and thin sling is placed under the urethra.  This sling is made of synthetic material and it helps strengthen the tissues that have lost their strength; providing support to the entrance of the urethra and decreasing the amount of urine that you leak.   The sling is placed through a small 1.5 inch incision that hides in the vagina.  The procedure can be done with minimal anesthesia in the outpatient setting and requires little recovery time.

To learn more about how a suburethral sling can help you, contact Advanced & Minimally Invasive Gynecology.