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InterStim therapy is intended to treat patients who have chronic symptoms of overactive bladder or urinary retention.  It is designed to improve these symptoms by decreasing their frequency and discomfort associated with these problems.

InterStim is a neurostimulator implantable device that can control the nerve pathways between the pelvis (specifically the bladder) and the brain.  It is a therapy that is designed for patients who have failed other medical the physical therapy treatments.  InterStim generates an electrical current that can be controlled by the patient and is designed to interfere with hyperactive nerve connections between the pelvis and the brain; these connections are thought to be the source of urgency, frequency and pain. 
The InterStim device can be permanently implanted under the skin after an initial trail period.  During this trial period, the InterStim electrical leads are temporarily implanted under the skin, but the electrical generator is left outside until the provider is sure that the device works for you.  If it does, you will be scheduled for a second visit (in the hospital) to return and have the small electrical generator implanted.  
To learn more about the InterStim device that can be permanently implanted at Advanced & Minimally Invasive Gynecology, contact our practice.